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i finally woke up...aren't you proud?

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hi everyone

haven't written in here in a while so i thought i'd drop a line to say hello. how is everyone doing?

today is courtney and my 3 month anniversary so to speak. i mean..anniversary is yearly but..you know what i mean! :o) though we've only been "officially" together for three months..there is so much history between the two of us. i love her so much.

she leaves for college in five days...i'm gonna explode. i still haven't decided what i'm gonna do. i mean..i want to go with to see her off but at the same time i don't know if i should. i mean..i can tell you know that even riding there i'm gonna be fighting tears..and to actually leave her behind in her dorm room knowing that's where she'll stay...without me..i dunno if i can do it and not make a scene. :o\ sad i know.

but then again..maybe i just need to look at it another way. make it not be so bad. she's leaving yes..but she's coming back home the next weekend. so i won't see her for a week..but that doesn't mean i won't talk to her. she is going to be having the time of her life! it's like summer camp..only not..oiy. but it's okay...i can go and think of this and i'll be fine...i hope....
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