Tambulance (dirtyemployee) wrote in queer_couples,


I think I'm with the girl of my dreams yet she's the first girl I've ever loved and we've only been together a little over a year. I'm overwhelmed by my love for her and the gap between us-I'm 24, she's 19. Yeah yeah robbing the cradle-bla bla I've heard all about it.
She's in her first year of school. I'm outta school. We live 5 hours apart and things are tough right now but we care about eachother so much. I don't know how we're going to do the long distance thing for much longer-but-I'm in a band and have built a great foundation in my neighborhood. She loves her school. We love eachother. We even talked about the possibility of having a somewhat short-term open relationship. I feel the need to explore the life of a stud and go out flirting. I kind of want to use poeple and let them use me-an experience I've missed out on. I feel like I've met the woman I want to settle down with and read the paper over coffee and oatmeal with in the morning. Maybe I've met her too soon in life. So we discussed open relationships. Safer sex is a must. Actual relationships with other people are a no. Part of the issue is that I feel like she's got one up on me cause she's slept with other people and had a longterm relationship with another person before me and I don't have that history. I just don't want to put our relationship in jeopardy by opening the rules for each of us. Like this thing could totally backfire for the worst or even the best. It's scary. I just care about her so much and want her in my life romantically. Any queers out there with advice on this?
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