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I CAN'T HEAR YOU!!!!!!!!

hey all i havent posted in here forever, because i hate cross posting and by the time i have posted one for my reg. journal. im worn out or out of time... but i really want this community to work . i love hearing from all you wonderful couples. kate and i are once again the only couple we know (well cept my birth mothers 40-something attorney who suddenly either wants to be our best friend or wants to wife swap????). our last coupled up friends broke up over a month ago. (after dating for just as long) so now they all give us shit about being so happy. as if i didnt spend my first 23 yrs COMPLETELY alone... yes i have changed in the last (almost) *7* months. but i still understand what they are going through. i just wish they'd show me the same in return.
in other news, kate and i got a car, and we are loving the freedom. i work full-time and go to school also and she is working, 25 hours or so and driving me around, so our time together is rare but we are learing how to make every minute count. god i love her so much.. anyways if any of you happily coupled guys and gals want to add me to your journal feel free i'll add you back and HURRY UP AND POST SOMETHING!!!!!!!
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Hello there. I'm the computer geek in mine and Marina's relationship, and she's not yet home from work yet. I'm sending her subliminal messages....hmmmmmm....hurry home baby... We've been together for 6 months and I'm betting on forever. There is love out there. I found mine.