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Want my name? Well whats yours first?

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LADIES LADIES LADIES!!! Take the time to read this right quick.... Please???

So football season is back! Yeah I know it's been back... for men! If you love the game of football then you gotta try this out. We are having try-outs for the Womens Pro football team. Yes... I said womens PRO! It's full contact tackle and all that other good stuff. We do travel so it'll be a great adventure for you and family members. We have mothers...daughters....grandmothers on the teams so dont think you cant do it. Trust me you can do what you put your mind to. If you think you dont have enough time.. No worries cuz we can work with you on that. If you would like more info please please do email me at psssthi8@aol.com or IM me there. Whichever you prefer. Try-outs will be held Nov. 21st. Sunday from noon to 5pm.

In Orlando Florida!
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